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1.Detailed appraisal and approval process of the project of environment protection.
1. Establishment  foundation
- Summary of foundation process : On what basis is the Establishment  founded? Who founds the Establishment ? Number and date of the decision? Does the Establishment have the investment registration? Date of the investment registration? Does the Establishment  have the investment license? Other relevant information (copies and attachments of documents listed in the appendices of the project)
- Is the Establishment foundation suitable to the approved plan (land use plan, eco-social development plan, the Establishment’s development plan, other relevant plans), and the area scheme of eco-social development?
- In case the Establishment site is located in the area of production and service (economic zones, Industrial zones, processing zones, high tech zones, other areas), it is required to list the names of the zone, number and date of the writing of acceptance  given by that zone authority (copies and attachments of documents listed in the appendices of the project)
2. Basis of building up the detailed project of Environment Protection
2.1. Legal basis
List all the following documents (number, date of issue, issuing agency, subject of the document) :
- Basis of building up the detailed project of Environment Protection, including relevant environmental technique standards.
- Written document by the Authority of production, business and service  zone, permitting the investment (in case the business site is located in the area of production, business and service  zone)
2.2. Relevant information and document
List documents (name, author, origin, time, place of publishing or storing) with information, figures used for building up the detailed project of Environment Protection.
3. Project builder
- Summarize the Establishment owner’s process of building up the project; in case an advisor is hired, provide the name of the advisory agency, its contact name of the Agency head and means of communication (telephone, fax, email)
- Make a list of the direct  contributors to the building up the detailed project of Environment Protection, including the Establishment  staff and the advisory Agency, an attachment of academic title, academic distinction, and the profession of all personnel)
1.1. Establishment name
Provide current full name of the Establishment  (consistent with the name on the cover, extra cover of this detailed project of Environment Protection)
1.2. Establishment owner.
Provide current full name, title of the Establishment owner, with the attachment of contact address and means (telephone, fax, email)
1.3. Establishment location
- Describe Establishment location: Provide the name of the local site (from Commune levels upwards); in case the Establishment  site is located in the area of production, business and service  zone , give the information about the name of the zone before the official local name; borders of the Establishment site and a detailed map.
- Describe surrounding natural, socio-economic objects which may be affected by the Establishment (rivers, streams, lakes, and others; national parks, natural conservations, natural reserves; the systems of  transportation; production and service businesses; residential areas, hospitals, schools, churches, temples, pagodas, and other objects)
- Describe clearly the Establishment’s location of sewage disposal and the receiver’s purpose of using water ( in case sewage disposal exists)
- A map or a diagram attached for illustration of the Establishment location and the surrounding objects as mentioned above)
1.4. Investment fund of the Establishment
- Total Investment fund of the establishment
- Investment fund of the establishment during stages
- Investment fund for environment protection
1.5. Construction items of the Establishment
1.5.1. Group of items of infrastructure such as: roads, harbors, information, electricity supply, water supply, sewage outlets, rain water outlets, other infrastructure.
1.5.2. Group of items of production, business and service such as: offices, houses, work shops, store houses, material stores and other relevant items.
1.5.3. Group of items of environment protection such as: the management of common solid waste and harmful waste (storing place, entrecote place, processing place, burying place); sewage treatment, emissions treatment, noise and shaking prevention, prevention of erosion and landslide; flood prevention; other items of environment protection.
Necessarily list all the construction items with the attachment of a diagram of the overall premises presenting each item clearly. It is advisable to list The finished construction items , the unfinished ones and the ones still in the plan with an attachment of the description of how to carry out the construction in terms of technique, investment funds, work quantity, work speed of each item.
1.6. Scale/Capacity, working time of the establishment
- Scale/capacity of overall design, or stage design of the establishment .
- Time of the establishment coming into operation ; anticipated time of closure (if any) 
1.7. Production/operation technology of the Establishment
Describe briefly the technology of production/operation of the establishment  with an attachment of bar charts , in which there are detailed instructions of the location of waste streams and/or the location that can create environmental problems without any effect of the waste
1.8. Machinery, equipment, materials, fuel for the production/trading/service of the establishment .
1.8.1. Machinery, equipment
Sufficiently list all kinds of machines and equipment already installed and currently operating with the clear  instruction of: brand name, production place, production year, the condition at the time of operating (new or old, if old: how capable)
1.8.2. Materials, fuel
List every kind of materials, fuel and chemicals needed with clear instructions of : trade mark, chemical formula, used quantity measured in terms of time (date, month, year).
1.8.3. Demand for electricity, water and other materials
Mention the amount of water, electricity and other necessary materials  measured in terms of time (date, month, year)
1.9. Establishment’s recent Execution of  laws on Environment Protection
- Briefly report the implementation of environment protection activities by the business up to the time of building up the detailed project of environment protection.
- Reason for not seriously following environment procedures and building up the detailed project of environment protection.
- Ways of punishments in case there is administrative offence regarding environment. If punishments have been practiced, it is to attach copies of punishing documents with the project appendices
- Shortcomings if any.
2.1. Sources of waste water 
2.1.1. Waste water
2.1.2. Common solid waste 
2.1.3. Hazardous waste 
2.1.4. Emissions  
Requirement towards the content items from 2.1.1 to 2.1.4:
Describe each original waste source with an attachment of detailed calculations about: waste content (concentration) of every business typical parameter and of corresponding technical standards; total waste output (kilogram, ton, m3) of every typical parameter and total waste output through a night (24 hours), a month, a quarter and a year. If the establishment has two different outlets at two separate sites, the establishment has to calculate  the total waste output of each outlet site.
2.1.5. Source of noise and vibration
Clearly describe and assess each original noise and vibration source
2.2. Impacts on the environment and socio-economy
- Describe all the environmental problems created by the establishment ( if any), such as: erosion, land slide, subsidence,  broke of bank rivers, streams, sea coast; changes to levels of surface and underground water; salt-penetration, alum-penetration; recession of  physical and biological elements in the environment; changes of bio diversity and other environment problems.
- Describe  and assess the risks of environment breakdowns
- Describe all the socio-economic problems created by the establishment ( if any) which are related to land clearance (compensation, resettlement and other activities )
The content items of 2.1. and 2.2: must be clearly presented in each period/stage, specifically as followed:
- The current stage of operation
- The future  stage of operation as planned (if any)
- The closure  stage (if any)
2.3. Work state and measure of environment protection
2.3.1. System of waste water and rain water collection and treatment 
2.3.2. Devices for collecting, storing and treating common solid waste and hazardous waste
2.3.3. Projects and devices of waste treatment
2.3.4. Measures of noise and vibration
2.3.5. Projects , measures of preventing environment problems
2.3.6. Other projects , measures of protecting environment
In content items from  2.3.1. to 2.3.6, clearly state:
- Raw materials, fuels, and chemicals which have been in use and will be used in the future for operating work, measures of protecting the environment with an attachment of detailed instructions about : brand name, chemical formula (if any), use in time units (day, month, quarter, year)
- Process of technology, operation and management in treating waste, effects of solution and comparison of results with current technical standards of environment .
- If the establishment has a hire of treating waste, it is to state name, address of the waste-treating organization and build up a contract of waste treatment. (attached copies of documents in the project appendices)
- Assess the impacts of prevention and reduction measures on the environment and socio- economy and compare with the current regulations.
 (Only applied to unfinished work in terms of standard waste treatment)
3.1. System of collecting and treating waste water and rain water
3.2. Devices and equipment for collecting, storing and treating common solid waste and hazardous waste
3.3. Work  and devices of treating waste
3.4. Measures of noise and vibration
3.5. Work, measures , and plans for preventing and solving environment problems
3.6. Other work and  measures of environment protection
For each work/project, it is to describe:
-         Working progress (of each item from the beginning to end)
- Anticipated fund
- Implementing responsibility
- Measuring parameters,  analysis during operation (needing enough typical parameters of all waste and the ones meeting environmental and technical standards)
- Environment monitoring devices for each source of waste  (if any)
4.1. Environment management program
Environment management program must be made on the basis of all the results from Chapter 1,2,3 in the table below:
The establishment’s activities Environment factors Projects and measures of protecting the environment Fund for carrying out the projects , measures of protecting the environment
Working and completing time
Working Responsibility Supervising Responsibility
4.2. Environment supervision program
Environment supervision program  consists of other environment problems, specifically as followed:
-       Supervising waste water and emissions: supervise waste output and typical parameters of waste water and emission sources in the stipulated frequency; locations of supervising sites must be described clearly and presented in the map with clear annotations.
-       Supervising solid waste: supervise the amount, and arising classes of waste
-       Supervising other environment problems such as: bio diversity, slides,  collapse, subsidence, erosion, land extension; changes of surface water, underground water, salt-penetration, alum penetration to keep track of the changes in terms of space and time  in these matters
-       Waste supervision : only supervise types of waste or the parameters in the waste that the establishment releases into the environment
-       Taking samples, measuring and analyzing the environment parameters must be done by approved and authorized organizations
-       The results of waste supervision is compared with the current standards and standard regulations
-       Continually and automatically monitoring waste and emissions must be done legally.
5.1. Establishment owner’s documents to People’s Committee of Commune
Write the number sign and date of the answering documents from each People’s Committee of Commune
5.2. Opinions from People’s Committee of Commune
- Write the numbers, signs and date of the answering documents from each People’s Committee of Commune
- Briefly summarize main opinions/comments  from People’s Committee of Commune, paying special attention to disapprovals, proposals, and recommendations from  People’s Committee of Commune.
- If  People’s Committee of Commune has no responding documents , the establishment is to give clear evidence that the establishment has sent the documents to the People’s Committee of Commune ( receipt note provided by the People’s Committee of Commune or receipt note provided by the post office or other evidence).
- If it is necessary to hold a meeting with the representatives of the residents of the  commune for presentations and dialogues on the project content, the community’s opinions and recommendations must be stated.
5.3. Establishment owner’s response
- Comment on preciseness and objectiveness of the opinions from  People’s Committee of Commune of the business.
- Be open to, and explain disapprovals, recommendations and proposals from People’s Committee of Commune; if not, give clear reasons and recommend next suitable resolutions.
Consultation documents and papers are the establishment owner’s evidence; the answering documents from People’s Committee of Commune, other relevant documents (if any) must be copied and attached in the appendices of the project, clearly stating in which appendix of the project  the documents are attached.
1. Conclusion
Need to conclude that:
- Once realized, described waste sources and calculated types of waste, realized and described problems of environment, and socio-economy.
- The effectiveness and feasibility of the projects, measures of environment protection; how to deal with problems of environment, and socio-economy originating from the business activities.
2. Recommendation  
Make recommendations and send them to the associated local and central organs to deal with the problems that the business owner can not deal with
3. Commitment
- Undertake to seriously perform the content, construction process, renovation and work operation, measures of environment protection.
-  Undertake to seriously perform reporting requirements on the decision of the project approval
- Undertake to seriously abide by laws of environment protection related to the business, including standards, standard regulations of environment technique.
-  Undertake to compensate and deal with environment pollution if the problems arise during construction and business operation.
Appendix 1: Relevant documents
Appendix 1.1. Copies of legal documents related to the establishment’s foundation 
Appendix 1.2. Copies of  documents of tackling environment offence (if any)
Appendix 1.3. Copies of  documents of consultation
Appendix  1.4. Copies of  analysis results of environment, treatment contracts of environment (if any)
Appendix  1.5. Copies of  other relevant documents (if any)
Appendix 2: Images for illustration (apart from the images already shown in the project)
Each document, image, picture in the appendices ought to be put into good  order with specific codes and annotated in the respective content item of the project.

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